Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Assalamualaikum and greeting to all my friends,

I have been very very busy lately as I left with no
maid...so handicap, very handicap however i am not complaining although fell
very tired.
Remember, when you feel good, you will start to
look good.
Dress up whenever you are out
Drink plenty of water and remember eat healthy food such as vegetables, fish, fruit,
and whole grains in your diet, that will keep your skin glowing.
Smelling good is always attractive! Spray any fragrance that suits your body , you will feel top of the
world and confident.
Remember, a good attitude is key. Being 'pretty' or
being 'the sexiest homecoming queen' is not the main object of life. When you
have confidence, you show to
others and yourself that you don't need makeup to be beautiful. Being beautiful on the
inside is what matters.
Smile , smile from your heart, smile with your eyes.
Natural make up is so much more beautiful and glamorous than looking
like you've tried too hard and are going out to a dance club.
Chew minty gum and carry mints in your purse or pocket to avoid bad
Always apply hand lotion before going out from your car. I always do

Lastly, ladies...never lose hope, never give up, don’t look back and
always remember being beautiful is easy and simple.

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